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Price Your Home Right the First Time

Step-by-Step Series: Create an Irresistible Listing to Sell Your Home Faster The most difficult aspect of creating a new home for sale listing is an accurate property price, yet this is also the most important part of the listing, according to Duffey Realty’s Jean Waldrop. “The optimum time for a sale is when a new listing comes online to the... Read More »

Expert Tips for Photographing Your Home (Hint: Lighting is Essential)

When it comes to quality photos for your real estate listing, lighting is the key, says professional photographer Paige Murphy of Lilly P Photography in Temple. Prospective buyers must imagine themselves living in your home, so the photos must appeal to viewers in a personal way. Lighting creates that kind of appeal, Murphy says. “When you allow a lot of... Read More »

Include Amenities that Buyers Want

When you list your home with a REALTOR®, your listing will be searchable according to its basic details. Viewers will see details such as the property’s location, acreage, and neighborhood, as well as the selling price and a photo. When summarizing your property, put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. What is it about your home or neighborhood that... Read More »

Include Great Photos To Interest Viewers in a Visit

By some estimates, you’ve got less than 15 seconds to make an impression on a potential buyer who has found your online home listing. How can you create a listing that will not only hold the buyer’s attention but also motivate them to see your home in person? Quality photos are probably the most important part of the listing, says... Read More »

Know Your Closing Costs Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Closing costs are easy to ignore in the excitement of searching for a new home, but they are a significant part of any real estate transaction. Fortunately, your lender can provide your expected costs during pre-approval, and your Duffey REALTOR® can help you negotiate closing costs with the seller. “A home buyer needs to address the costs of closing prior... Read More »

Speak: 10 Terms Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know

Let’s face it. Every industry has its own vocabulary, and real estate is no different. Sometimes real estate pros use language that isn’t quickly familiar to those of us new to the process. So we’ve compiled a vocabulary “cheat sheet” for you so you will be “in the know” when these terms come up during your new home purchase. First-time... Read More »

Find a Conventional Mortgage Option to Fit Your Needs

A “conventional” mortgage is a mortgage that is not backed or insured by a government agency. Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages are the two main types of conventional mortgages, but there are other loan products available to fit your specific financial goals. Here are just a few of the most common mortgage products, along with some pros and cons to consider... Read More »

Is a Government Backed Loan Right for You?

Mortgage loans backed by the U.S. government offer homebuyers an attractive alternative to conventional loans. How can you determine if a government loan is right for you? “There are several neat things about government loans,” says John West, Director of Retail Loans at Direct Lenders LLC in Kennesaw, Ga. “They have very competitive interest rates and low down payment options.... Read More »

Purchase Your Home Faster with Mortgage Pre-Approval

You’ve scouted the neighborhoods and scanned the MLS. It’s time to make an offer on that new home you have your eyes on, right? Not so fast. “Before you start looking at houses, the first thing you need to do is get pre-approved,” says John West, Director of Retail Loans at Direct Lenders LLC in Kennesaw, Ga. “Realtors want to... Read More »

Are You Financially Fit?

More than half of homebuyers borrow money to make their purchase. If you are considering a new home purchase, one of the first steps is a careful evaluation of your financial fitness. Lenders determine loan amounts and interest rates based on a borrower’s FICO® scores. Everyone has three FICO® scores, one for each of the three credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and... Read More »