Include Amenities that Buyers Want

Create an Irresistible Listing to Sell Your Home Faster: Include Amenities that Buyers Want

Step-by-Step Learning Series #2:
Create an Irresistible Listing to Sell Your Home Faster

When you list your home with a REALTOR®, your listing will be searchable according to its basic details. Viewers will see details such as the property’s location, acreage, and neighborhood, as well as the selling price and a photo.

When summarizing your property, put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. What is it about your home or neighborhood that those buyers will find attractive? Does your home have a fireplace? Sunroom? Deck? Include those features in your summary to motivate the potential homebuyer to explore your complete listing.

Some possible features to include in your listing are:

  • Neighborhood or subdivision
  • Nearby schools or school district
  • Proximity to centers of commerce, including shopping centers and restaurants
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Unique rooms or features
  • Storage space
  • Outdoor features (pool, storage sheds, fencing, and yard size, for example)

Include great photos of those features as well.

“Highlight anything that makes your house more than a cookie cutter house,” says professional photographer Paige Murphy of Lilly P Photography in Temple. “Tray ceilings, unique light fixtures, windows—those are features that make a house really beautiful and set it apart.”

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