Carrollton Recycling Program Means Cleaner, Safer Community

Last year, Americans trashed over 180 billion tons of recyclable materials like newspapers and aluminum cans. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 66 percent of the materials we trash every day could be recycled, but only 25 percent actually is.

Carrollton Recycling Program Means Cleaner, Safer Community | Keep Carroll Beautiful |

Keep Carroll Beautiful works to educate local residents about the importance of recycling and litter prevention with the goal of maintaining a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful Carroll County, says executive director Jacqueline Dost.

“Our mission is to engage the citizens of Carroll County in taking responsibility for their community environment, and we do that through beautification, education, litter prevention, and recycling,” Dost said.

Most residents of Carroll County can recycle common household items like metal cans, plastic bottles, and paper by placing it in a recycling bin for pickup with their weekly garbage service. Keep Carroll Beautiful also helps with harder-to-recycle products. In 2014, the organization helped residents recycle more than 102,000 pounds of electronics, 2,300 pounds of shoes, 66 gallons of paint, and 500 pounds of alkaline batteries. You can find out about special recycling events at or the organization’s Facebook page.

Here’s a list of items that usually can be placed in your recycling bin, along with basic good practices for recycling (check with your waste service provider for specific requirements in your area):

  • Aluminum: loosely rinse and crush cans, foil, and pie pans
  • Cardboard: Flatten and stack. Cardboard includes corrugated cardboard and chipboard, which is the thinner box material like that used for cereal boxes.
  • Tin Cans: Rinse and leave labels on.
  • Paper: Almost all forms of paper are acceptable, including brown paper grocery bags, office paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, and phone books.

Glass is often prohibited in single-stream recycling bin because of the danger it poses to workers at the recycling center. Other items that should not be placed in the bin are cell phones, electronic equipment, lightbulbs, batteries, aerosol cans, motor oil, toxic materials, construction waste, or any kind of Styrofoam.

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