Drone Photography-A New Perspective on Real Estate in West Georgia

Years ago, my grandmother gave each of her children an aerial photo of the family farm. Taken by a savvy photographer who had hired a plane to fly over the area, the photos showed a perspective of the land my dad and uncles never had as they tilled and planted acres of cotton during their youth.

Those old photos bring back memories, but today’s technology has moved past still images into high-quality video taken by one of the most exciting technologies of the past few years—drones. Drones are making aerial photography and videography readily available for a broad range of uses, including real estate marketing, and Duffey Realty is leading the way in West Georgia.

Duffey Realty REALTOR® Melanie Mitchell regularly incorporates drone videos into her listings. Melanie’s husband, David, a pilot and commercially-licensed drone operator, is using his expertise to create the videos, which are hugely popular on social media.

“The sellers especially like the videos,” Melanie said. “Many of them share videos with their family and friends on social media.”

The result is that the seller’s circle of friends can share the videos with their social media friends, broadening the prospective buyer pool for the property.

The “wow” factor is hard to beat when it comes to aerial images taken by drones. The video footage captured by a drone is especially helpful for giving a big-picture perspective of large homes and properties with a lot of acreages, Melanie said.

101 Oak Leaf Dr, Carrollton, GA 30116 – $224,900

But drones are not limited to outside images. The compact design of most drones makes them ideal for filming inside a home, too. The resulting footage gives “ordinary” sellers and buyers the same cinematic effect they are accustomed to seeing only on television. The result? A seamless view of a home’s inside and outside that doesn’t miss a single detail.

Set to catchy music, the videos are not only visually stunning but engaging to watch as well—a blend of commercial and documentary short that makes the details of any home “pop.”

“The video provides a tour of the property that you just simply can’t get from pictures,” Melanie said.

Buyers benefit from the videos as well. Since buyers are often from out-of-town, they have to do their research before making a trip to see prospective homes in person. Melanie said that being able to send a potential buyer a link to tour the property virtually through a well-crafted video helps buyers narrow their choices.

“It gives them a better perspective and a little more detail than a still picture can,” Melanie said.

To see some of Melanie’s listings that utilize drone videography, visit her Facebook page or call her at 770-403-5420.

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