First Home Purchase? Don’t Miss These 3 Tips from Duffey Realty Sales Associates

Real Estate transactions can be complex, which is why working with a REALTOR® can save you time and money. Duffey Realty loves helping first time home buyers find the right home for their family at the right price for their budget.

If you are a first-time home buyer, chances are you’ve done your research online. However, there’s nothing like consulting an expert face-to-face, and all of our agents at Duffey Realty have the knowledge you need.

Here are some quick tips for first-time home buyers from Duffey REALTORS®:

Don’t go it alone. “REALTORS® are important,” says REALTOR® Sandra O’Neal. “A listing has representation, and as a buyer, you should have someone to advise you on an offer price and negotiate on your behalf, too.”

Pace your spending. “To a first time buyer, the excitement of a new home leads to the desire to purchase new furniture and accessories for the home,” says REALTOR® Jean Waldrop. “This sometimes causes a borrower to become disqualified for their loan, so my advice is to first, become qualified, and second, to stay qualified by not spending.”

Take your time. “The most important advice I give any buyer is to take their time,” says REALTOR® Britt Duffey. “Don’t settle. Don’t rush. But when you find the right home, don’t hesitate.”

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