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Have you ever stopped to think about the intangibles that make a house into a beautiful home?  Faith, love, safety, encouragement, resolve, time together. Too often, we place so much focus on building a house, decorating it, equipping it, and making it look perfect that we lose focus on the things that will truly make us happy.  There is no doubt these things contribute to a nice home, but they are, by far, not the primary reason for wonderful home life.  Even being a realty company, we like to say that we sell ‘homes’, but, in reality, we just sell buildings or land which only play a part in the making of a home.

We do try to present our products where they evoke feelings of a beautiful home in order for you to picture yourself or your family making a home out of the house.  However, we believe a home is not tied to the structure; it can move from house to house and is sustained through the relationships we build along the way. It stays with the people that inhabit the structure, and as long as the intangible foundations of the home are strong, you can endure the many storms of life encountered over time.

In our latest marketing campaign, we are attempting to capture these small moments that we encounter every day but due to the busyness of life, we so often overlook.   We’ve challenged our company to be more attentive to their home life, to their surroundings when they are out and about in the West Georgia or East Alabama area, or to their time spent with friends and neighbors.  The pictures that we plan on using will be taken by our agents or employees, so there will be no stock photos used.  Our hope is that this brings us to an understanding of how blessed we are and hopefully, allows us to experience a little bit of contentment in a world where we are constantly told that once we purchase the this-or-that item, we’ll be happy.

We start with our first picture of a sunrise over a hayfield in Muscadine, AL.  Sunrises are beautiful and often give us a sense of optimism by representing a fresh start.  Yesterday is now behind us, and the hope of today is before us.

We hope you enjoy, and if you happen to be in the market for a new home you can get started right here.

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