Carroll County’s Largest Employer: Southwire Company

Southwire Company is Carroll County’s largest employer, helping sustain the region’s strong manufacturing base.

Made In Carrollton

Southwire Company is Carroll County’s largest employer, helping sustain the region’s strong manufacturing base. The company’s history dates back to 1937 when Roy Richards, founder of Southwire, started a company to erect power poles.

Richards started Southwire in 1950, and since then, the company has grown into a worldwide leader in the production of wire and cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Southwire Company Broad Variety of Wire and Cable

Southwire maintains its headquarters in Carrollton and produces a broad variety of products at facilities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Honduras, and China. According to Gary Leftwich, Southwire’s Manager of Giving Back, the company currently employs about 2,300 people in Carroll County and another 4,500 at other plants around the world.

Southwire produces wire for 1 out of 3 homes in the United States, as well as wire and cable for a broad range of commercial and industrial needs, including for hospitals.

Southwire Products

According to Leftwich, Southwire’s products fall into several divisions.


The Electrical Division sells a wide variety of copper and aluminum wire products, as well as other products used by electrical contractors. These products include building wire, metal clad cable, flexible cord, electronic and security cable, telephone power cable, MaxisTM tools, and more. Residential, commercial and institutional construction projects represent our primary markets.


The Energy Division offers a full line of low, medium, and high-voltage cable products that move power from the generation source to homes and buildings.


Southwire’s tools business unit operates cross-divisionally, supporting customers across the company’s business units. With a broad offering of Maxis® contractor equipment, hand tools, and test and measurement devices, Southwire supports both contractors’ and electricians’ needs.


Southwire’s industrial products include a variety of cable used in a broad range of applications such as power generation, transit, wastewater treatment facilities, petrochemical plants, mining, refineries, liquefied natural gas terminals, the automotive industry, and institutional campuses such as hospitals and universities.

In addition to its numerous commercial ventures, Southwire also gives back to local communities through Project Gift®, which matches Southwire employees with volunteer opportunities. Another innovative program, 12 FOR LIFE®, allows high school students in Carroll County Schools and Florence (Ala.) City Schools earn a paycheck while going to school. The 12ForLife Program is considered a model for technical education and job skills and is one more way Southwire is contributing to a well-trained and educated workforce in Carroll County.

Duffey Realty appreciates Southwire and all the local businesses that make West Georgia a great place to live and work.

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