Stage Your House Like the Pros

Creating an Irresistible Listing to Sell Your Home Faster

Step-by-Step Series #2:
Creating an Irresistible Listing to Sell Your Home Faster

It’s true that great photos sell houses, and great photos start with careful staging, says Duffey REALTOR® Sandra O’Neal.

“I tell my clients, less is best,” she says. “Declutter and remove personal photos. Buyers can easily get caught up in who lives here now instead of seeing the home as their own, but you want them to imagine themselves living in this house.”

The key is to stage your home in a way that fits the style and taste of potential buyers. If possible, paint all the rooms in neutral colors, which allows potential buyers to envision what they could do with the space. If it’s too personalized, it makes it hard for someone else to imagine living there, O’Neal said.

Stage Your House Like the Pros

If the rooms are already neutral or you don’t have a budget for painting the entire house, paint a few key areas. O’Neal also suggests using pillows on the couch and beds to give the room color and drama. Removing excess or outdated furniture can also showcase a room’s possibilities.

Finally, remove most items from kitchen and bath countertops before taking photos. Personal items can make a surface look “busy,” but clear counters can give the appearance of more space.

Paige Murphy, owner of Lilly P Photography in Temple and a frequent home photographer, suggests a single arrangement of flowers or books on a table, which gives the viewer’s eyes a focal point and can give an entire room a sense of depth.

“You don’t want too much going on, but something simple on a kitchen table, coffee table, or even a bathroom counter can help the viewer visualize the room better,” she said.

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