Talking Turkey (& the Fixings) with Duffey Realty’s Whitney Davis

Whitney Davis

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Duffey Realty. We love that food, family, and friends are the foundation of the Thanksgiving celebration. With the holidays quickly approaching, our Duffey Realty agents are busy helping clients, but they took a few minutes to share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions with the Duffey Realty Blog Editor, Carrie McWhorter. First up is Whitney Davis, Duffey Realty’s newest REALTOR®.

CM: Whitney, what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
WD: My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is cooking the Thanksgiving meal. Being creative and trying new recipes is always fun—especially when desserts are involved. This year will be the first with my youngest son, who was born in September, so we’re super excited about that, too.

CM: When dinner is on the table, which do you choose: Dressing or Stuffing?
WD: Definitely dressing… with gravy.

CM: At the dessert table, which are you most likely to sample first: Sweet Potato Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
WD: Neither! Apple pie is the way to go!

CM: If you could have one person living or dead join you for Thanksgiving, who would you choose and why?
WD: I would like to invite Squanto. I would like to talk about what it was like from his perspective.

CM: Finish this statement: Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without _____.
WD: Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without football! GO DAWGS!

We are excited to have Whitney as our newest Duffey Realty agent, though she’s been part of the Duffey Family since she was born. Whitney is the daughter of our managing broker, Dale Johnson, and granddaughter of our founders, James and Irene Duffey. She has been the smiling face that greeted you when you visited our office over the past year too. We invite you to contact Whitney for any of your real estate needs.