Unwrapping Christmas with Dale Johnson


Duffey Realty Managing Broker Dale Johnson appreciates the simple things at Christmas. He and his wife, Andrea, are especially thankful to have their parents, their children, and their grandchildren close by for the holidays. Dale admits that he is a last-minute shopper, so you may see him out and about in these final shopping days before Christmas, picking up a few gifts. If you see him, offer him a cup of eggnog with a scoop of vanilla ice cream — the holiday drink is one of his favorite Christmas treats. He recently shared a few other holiday favorites with Duffey Realty blog editor Carrie McWhorter. Let’s see what he had to say.

CM: You said you are often a last minute shopper… Are you a last minute wrapper, too?
DJ: I shop last minute unless I know in advance what we are getting for others. We do try to spend some time wrapping up the gifts though. Bags are convenient, but gift-wrap is special. We finish the packages with bows or curly ribbon—whichever one seems to fit best.

CM: What was a favorite gift you received as a child?
DJ: Like many boys, I’m sure, my first BB gun was special.

CM: Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
DJ: We wait for Christmas Day.

CM: Your daughter, Duffey REALTOR® Whitney Davis, mentioned that your family has a long tradition of making teacakes at Christmas. What is another favorite tradition?
DJ: Making teacakes and leaving them out for Santa is a great tradition. Our family gatherings and eating together are special times, too.

CM: Do you have any special tree trimming traditions?
DJ: We have an artificial tree with white lights. I like the calm of lights that are always on rather than twinkling, and I’m pretty traditional with the tree topper. We always use a star.

CM: Any special ornaments?DaleChristmasOrnament
DJ: Andrea and I have the first ornament we got when we married in 1983 (see photo). It’s a special memory that always goes on the tree.

CM: What about a favorite Christmas song?
DJ: I like “The Little Drummer Boy,” especially some of the newer versions.

CM: Your kids are grown, but which do prefer: Rudolph or Frosty?
DJ: I like both, but I’d choose Rudolph first.

CM: One final question: Have you ever tried roasting chestnuts over an open fire?
DJ: Never! Only popcorn.

Dale Johnson and the entire Duffey Realty family wishes you and your family all the blessings of the season and a very Happy New Year. We invite you to contact Dale or any of our Duffey Realty REALTORS® for all your real estate needs in 2016. For more information about Dale, see his profile here.