Unwrapping Christmas with Melanie Mitchell


When Duffey Realty REALTOR® Melanie Mitchell was a child, she received a topaz birthstone ring in honor of her November birthday. It was her favorite gift as a child. Now Melanie is a mother, and she looks forward to seeing her own children’s faces light up on Christmas morning when they see what Santa has left under the tree. When it comes to tradition, Melanie goes with a fun blend of past and present, as she shared with Duffey Realty blog editor Carrie McWhorter during a recent “rap” session. Read on to learn more about a few of Melanie’s Christmas favorites.

CM: Since you have young children, let’s start with Christmas Eve sleep. How much do you get that night?
MM: More than I did as a kid! When I was little, one of my favorite traditions was waking up super early, like 2 a.m., and sneaking in to see what Santa left. Luckily, my children usually sleep until about 5:00 a.m.

CM: Do your kids leave treats for Santa on Christmas Eve?
MM: They leave him candy, but Santa is kind of messy at our house. He leaves his candy wrappings for the children to pick up the next morning.

CM: Do you usually have your shopping done by Christmas Eve?
MM: I just love to shop anyway, but I like to get it done and out of the way. Of course, I find myself picking up little things all the way up until Christmas morning.

CM: Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or does everyone have to wait until Christmas Day?
MM: Usually we open gifts on Christmas Eve. We can’t wait!

CM: Since we’re “rapping,” are you a gift bag person or a wrapper?
MM: It depends on the gift. I love to wrap, but odd shaped presents are stuck in a bag.

CM: Do you enjoy eggnog or hot cocoa while you’re wrapping gifts?
MM: Hot cocoa

CM: Let’s talk about some classic holiday favorites. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
MM: “Away in a Manger”

CM: Frosty or Rudolph?
MM: Frosty

CM: What about the tree? White lights or colored?
MM: Both. I have never been able to decide. Color to me is traditional and reminds me of our family’s trees from the past. White is elegant though, so we do both every year. We have a tree in the living room with white lights and one in the family room with colored lights. I like twinkling lights and an angel on top of the tree.
The Mitchells
CM: Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament on your tree?
MM: There are too many to choose from. As I place them on my tree every year, I remember who gave them to me, and I can’t really choose a favorite from people in my life.

CM: One last question. Have you ever tried roasting chestnuts over an open fire?
MM: No! If I ever tried roasting anything over an open fire, I would probably burn the house down. That’s why we have artificial trees!

Duffey Realty wishes you and your family all the blessings of the season and a very Happy New Year. We invite you to contact Melanie or any of our Duffey Realty REALTORS® for all your real estate needs in 2016. For more information about Melanie, see her profile here.