Unwrapping Christmas with Whitney Davis


This year’s holiday season promises to be an exciting one for Duffey Realty REALTOR® Whitney Davis. This will be the first Christmas for Whitney’s youngest son, but it’s also a special holiday because her older son is beginning to understand what Christmas means. Family traditions like sharing hot cocoa by the fire are special to Whitney, and now she is passing those traditions on to her two young sons. Whitney recently shared some of her favorite Christmas traditions with Duffey Realty blog editor Carrie McWhorter. Let Whitney tell us more.

CM: What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
WD: Growing up, we always went to the tree farm and picked out a tree, and my dad would cut it down and bring it home. That was always such a fun trip! Now that I am responsible for cleaning the floors, artificial trees make life easier.

Wchristmas 2015CM: It’s not always easy to keep curious young children away from the tree. How do you handle that?
WD: The baby is only 14 weeks, so we don’t have any problem there. He just likes to look at the lights on the tree. But my oldest is 5 and sneaky! We’ve wrapped some of his presents in larger boxes and filled them with newspaper so can’t tear back the wrapping and peek.

CM: Do you have a favorite ornament?
WD: One of my favorites is a baby carriage ornament I got when I was pregnant with my oldest son.

CM: What decorates the top of your tree?
WD: We always had a beautiful angel on our tree growing up, but I’ve done a big bow at the top of our tree the past two years.

CM: What about a favorite Christmas song?
WD: “Mary Did You Know” is my favorite. Pentatonix does a great version of it.

CM: What was a favorite gift you received as a child?
WD: A trampoline.

CM: That would be hard to wrap! Are you a gift wrap or gift bag person?
WD: Definitely gift-wrap. I love big pretty bows on gifts.

CM: Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
WD: Christmas Day! Christmas morning is the best.

CM: Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition, maybe connected to Santa’s visit?
WD: I always look forward to Christmas breakfast at my parents’ house. It is also a Christmas tradition in our family to bake teacake cookies and go all out decorating them. We always pick our favorite cookies and leave them for Santa. Mine is usually chocolate flavored.

CM: What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?
WD: Christmas is my favorite time of the year. This will be our first Christmas with our youngest son. This is also the first year that our older son has really understood why we celebrate Christmas and to watch him grow in his faith is amazing.

Thanks to Whitney for sharing her memories with us. The Duffey Realty family wishes you and your family all the blessings of the season and a very Happy New Year. We invite you to contact Whitney or any of our Duffey Realty REALTORS® for all your real estate needs in 2016. For more information about Whitney, see her profile here.